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Meet Joseph and Paula

For Paula the Tulip Picking Farm is a dream come true, and she is excited to be able to share it with all of you!

Born and raised in the Netherlands she has always been close to the world of tulips. She has travelled the world for shows and events and has worked in the industry most of her life.

Her genuine love of sharing the joy of tulips and the beauty they bring to the world will brighten your day. She truly is your go to girl for everything tulips!

Joseph has a love for growing. He has worked in the horticultural industry for many years, and naturally gravitated towards cultivating flowers.
He enjoys every part of the process, from planning and creating the gardens, to watching them grow and sharing the final result with all of our wonderful visitors. 

Joseph and Paula started off as work acquaintances and quickly became very good friends who always have each other’s backs.  They knew that the next step for them was to bring Paula’s Tulip Farm dream to life, thus The JP Tulip Field Experience was born! 


The Tulip Farm

Ever wonder what it feels like to be surrounded by a million flowers? 

The JP Niagara Tulip Farm will take you on a journey that you wont forget, and leave you feeling inspired by our sea of tulips.  

Our field comprises of one million tulips with 85 varieties to choose from. 

Come spend some time at the farm with your friends and family! Take in all the gorgeous colours and pick your own bouquet of fresh tulips to remember the experience.  

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more info about the farm.

Our Partners

Thank you to our amazing partners! 


Pre-Book Tickets for April 2024

We Highly encourage you to pre-purchase your tickets, because due to limited availability we will only allow people on the field with pre-booked tickets.

Tickets are non refundable, this is a rain or shine event.


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